Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My One Constant Abiding Romance

91. My Lord flirted with me
My Lord flirted with me yesterday,
In the aftermath of a storm,
In the cool and damp air of
A corner in His creation,
Green with life and love.

Green wet grass beneath my feet,
Green moss and crawlies that climb
The trees that kept me company,
And in the monsoon drain, the roaring water
Brown with silt from the
Hilltop above.

And My Lord winked at me,
Sending lonely drops of water
Plummeting from the leaves of the shading trees
Into the puddles that lie by my feet;




Creating ripples of my Lord’s
Recreation with me, in an ever
Expanding arch and weakening force,
As if the Lord is Himself bashful of me.



Feeling a little embarrassed and shy,
I took leave of my Lord’s signs
And rejoined my family
Waiting for me, in
The warmth of my
Aunt’s house, and
In the love glimmering
In my aunts’ eyes.

And not a moment
Have I been sitting,
Until 'the Question'
Is again asked by
My aunts,

“When will thee marry?”


God will always be God to me. The prose was recorded sometime in end 2008, at my beloved Mak Su's (my late mother's youngest sister) home. That afternoon it rained heavily, and I wanted to take a breather and was walking her neighbourhood. Her house is at the foot of a tall hill. I do not know when God may flirt with me. But when He does, I like to jot it down. I record sweet events and memories of a Most Loving, and Most Surprising Suitor of all... aka our Lord God of all humanity and creation. It is my job, you see.

Aunties will always be Aunties to me. And as the years pass since my divorce, their plaintive cries and pleading for me to marry again becomes more and more desperate sounding. "We will not live long..." They argue, "Get married while we can still help..." They plead with great earnest and sometimes even acting the Cupid, "If you don't have anyone... you know, my friend's daughter is a teacher / doctor / lawyer and ...." As they continue to press their kind help on helpless me.

Well, I do have a little someone. Indeed, if I have not met her I probably wouldn't even be blogging. And I hope to fulfill my aunties' frantic prayers one day soon. With a little help from God, of course - My One Constant Abiding Romance...
See. I can flirt with God too. It is easy, really.


Pax Taufiqa. 

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