Friday, July 15, 2011

If ONLY Adam was awake when God Created Eve - The Creation of Women & the Bewilderment of Men

THE CREATION OF EVE was a wonderous event. How do I know? Well, it’s God doing Godly things, you know… creating and stuff. So I have no doubt it was wonderful.

MEN BEING WRONG. People say taxes and death are certainties in life. Well I say husbands (or boyfriends) being wrong is one too. Wrong wrong wrong. Wrong even if they are right. Wrong because by implying they are right, they are daring to suggest that their partner as being less than right. How dare we when we don’t even know to separate the whites!
Like the binary code, women is incomprehensible to most men.
THE SOURCE CODE OF WOMAN. Is there any way we can address this anomaly? Is there any solution to resolve this present disconnect between men and women? Of course not. The only way to solve this problem is to remedy it at the very root, the very origin of the difficulty. We gotta go infinite eons back to the time of the creation of Eve. We have to correct the Source Code of Woman while it was being developed by the Numero Uno Programmer / Hacker of them all… aka God Himself.

IF ADAM WAS AWAKE WHEN EVE WAS BEING CREATED things would have been SO different. You see, us men, we didn't create Eve. God did. He is to be blamed. And He purposely did it while Adam was asleep. Because I bet, if Adam was awake during the creation of Eve he would have contributed some valuable suggestions to God, all on behalf of us men, his descendants. I can imagine it already –

“Wow! Eve is gorgeous! But err… Why so strict, God? Maybe not so passionate (read emotional) err... Why don't You up the submissive bit (I like that)? Must she be so judgmental? More on the merciful level, God… please. And forgiving… Make her more forgiving…. And really, is just one pair of that err… chest protrusions, enough? Called ‘bosoms’, right? Oh wow… but maybe she should have a couple at the back too? God? GOD? Are You even listening?”

Wake up, Adam, wake up!! God is up to something!
ADAM 'ASLEEP'. You must remember, at that time Adam was THE favourite of God. Most Favoured and Most Blessed in ALL Creation. So surely God would not have said no to Adam’s protestations. So to avoid this problem, God did the best thing possible (for God)… He slipped something into Adam’s pint and the poor guy fell into a loooong blissful sleep. During which period, God went into the serious business of creating Adam’s partner in paradise. I can imagine it now - "Hehehe" Chuckled God, anticipating Eve and her female progeny's baffling effect upon Adam and his male descendents.

GOD KNOWS MAN. And I guess, God even knows woman. So He distilled whatever needs to be distilled, he enunciated whatever needs to be enunciated, stressing some points and discouraging others, until finally, *PRESTO!* Eve was created.

William Blake's famous depiction of the 'Presto!' event
RUMI. I think it is a waste of time trying to wrap our heads around women. I think we should just sit, listen and just do as we are told. We cannot win, you see. And though I seldom quote the old man, Jalaluddin Rumi, perhaps it is he who best expresses the Divine Idea of Eve and womanhood –

The Prophet, to whose speech the whole world was enslaved,
Used to say, “Speak to me O ‘ Aisha!”
The Prophet said that women dominate men of intellect
And Possessors of hearts,
But ignorant men dominate women,
For they are shackled by the ferocity of animals.
They have no kindness, gentleness, or love,
Since animality dominates their nature.
Love and kindness are human attributes,
Anger and sensuality belongs to the animals.
She is not your “sweetheart” –she is the radiance of God!

Dearie Rumi, how I agree with you. “Radiance of God…”, you say, but Wrath of God too sometimes. And I have scars in my heart as proof. Yet strangely, I am contented…

Woman, Ahad & Ahmad
Like most men,
I too have suffered
The wrath of women.
Wounded and torn,
With scars on my heart
To show for the indignity
Suffered by my pride.

But I am not complaining.

Because the scars spell
Out the beautiful names
Of Ahad and Ahmad…

And that makes all of
Men’s mystifying sadness
In the hands of women
All worth it. you confuse me...
Have a lovely bubbly Friday, pet. May God bless and cherish our womanfolk always...

Pax Taufiqa

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