Thursday, July 14, 2011

YOU ARE THE BEST MIRACLE OF ALL... So what more miracles do you need?

End May 2011 - I was in my bedroom and Mika was playing with a biplane. Hmm. The scene looks all too familiar to me. I wondered what was knocking on the door my heart...

Then I suddenly recalled... It was my Red Baron poem and sketch! I recorded the Germanic prose and drew the Angel and the Red Baron in July 2005, just a couple of days after my 35th birthday and Mikhail was only 1 and a half years old. So perhap it is true that life does sometimes imitate art.

10. Von Richtofen’s Flying Circus
Now I don’t think too much.
With a lot of balls, and very little skill
I just dive into the fray
Knowing my Wingman will cover me
And the squadron shall surely win the day!

IN REALITY, the Red Baron was of course unsurpassed as the numero uno fighter pilot in World War I, and no doubt he did it with a lot of skill. No amount of 'balls' and cover by his wingman would have saved his skin in the bloody battles in the skies over France, Germany and Belgium if he was not extremely talented in the business of shooting down other fighter planes.

THE THING IS, WITH GOD, He can do anything. He can perform miracles. Part the Red Sea. Split the Moon. Raise the dead and cure the blind. He can even talk out of a burning bush. But why make God's life more busy than it already is?

IN ANYTHING THAT YOU DO, whether building a tree-house, running a marathon, managing a business or simply baking a cake, I think we ought to do our very best. Because certainly, God can come into the picture at any time and save your behind, and without doubt He can do so through some miraculous divine intervention. But this is what God is saying, "Why do you need for Me to intervene with miracles, when you are My Best Miracle of all? Isn't that enough to get started with already?"

YOU ARE A MIRACLE, sunshine. And don't let anything or anyone convince you otherwise. Because when you were first born, and your mother appraised your smallness and your fragile beauty as her delightful newborn, did she not think... "My beautiful miracle... My best miracle ever... My baby..."?

So have a wonderful day, pet, and do not forget your mummy.

Pax Taufiqa

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