Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Kingship of God and the Kinship of Humanity - Some Facets of the NurMuhammad

Candy from the Ahad Candy Store
Ahad has given us all
Varying candies of Ahmad,
With different flavours and textures.

Yet all have that creamy caramel centre
That men like to call Love.

You wanna share yours with mine?

AHAD. This is one of those technical prose that I record whenever my whim fancies. This was written in the month of March 2010. Ahad is one of the Name Attribute of our One God (which Muslim often refers as Allah), and is the God that is worshiped in all religion and creed.

AHMAD is also one of the name attribute of the Prophet Muhammad. It is part of Muslim Lore (dissected to its inner infinite meaning through the traditions of the Sufis) that within Adam and Eve, and within all their grandsons and granddaughters, lie the essence of Muhammad. For the Prophet has recounted that “I was already a Prophet before Adam.” Which kinda makes you wonder, who was he Prophet to, since mankind and djinn was not in existence? This was the question posed to me by Longhair in our late night meeting last blessed Sunday.

THE ESSENCE. (According to our belief) It is the essence of Muhammad that we are fated to reflect its distinct taste and flavour within us– some will become teachers, others will be doctors and kings, some will be beggars and others will be rich merchants. Some will be wordy poets, some will be silent wise men while a few others will be noisy jesters, entertaining people and kings in their royal courts. There will be scientists cracking open the atoms, there would be kindly mothers and fathers, contented to dot over their children. And there would be readers and writers, lovers and warriors. It is the all encompassing nature of the essence of Muhammad that all of us would reflect him when we are best at what we are meant to be.

NURMUHAMMAD. Thus for a true believer, a soul awaken in the light of understanding of Essences and the Overriding Writ of Love of the Almighty God, there is never an ‘us and them’ or a ‘you and I’. Our common heritage goes beyond the creation of Adam and Eve, you see. Indeed, our bond of Love and Servanthood was there before Time itself, before the creation of the Angels, the heavens and hells. It was there before creation of the Pen of Creation. So what ink did God use in the Pen to write what He is Writing now? “It is the Light of Muhammad – that which was created before everything. Before even the creation of the Throne and the Heavenly Court of God, and before the creation of the Angels of the Throne that have before Time itself, been encircling the Throne and pouring glorious praise for God.”

KINSHIP. I do not like to waste time writing about technical bits and ends about the Universe and the procedures of Divine Creation unless we have something to gain out of it all. And what I wish to gain here, if I could, is to remind ourselves of our closeness and kinship - regardless of religion, race or nationality. For you see, we were always brothers and sisters, you and I – even before Adam was sprung into heavenly paradise.

And if you, like me, find it difficult sometimes to look to the far off past, then simply remember to look up at the night sky. And gaze upon the countless twinkling stars at night, the light of which was undoubtedly created some millions upon billions of years ago. Such are the signs and clues with which God has graced our world to remind us of our common kinship under the Writ of Love - When humanity submits to the Kingship of God, we all gain our Kinship, as witnessed by the heavenly stars eons ago.

Have a starry day, sunshine. As you can see, Moses the cat is in total agreement with me.

Pax Taufiqa.

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