Friday, July 1, 2011

The Angelic Librarian & The Great Library of Heaven

The Book Read…
“I was once part of
A milky white ocean,
Then I saw a crescent moon
Dip its cusp into my sea
And take a small part of me.

I was once part of
A milky white ocean,
And today I am in your tea,
As for tomorrow I do not know
Where I will be,
So while in my pen there is ink,
While my mind can still think,
And while your eyes can still blink,
Read! And drink
A cup of me.”

So read a Seraph-like angel (seconded to The Great Library) as he sneaked a peek into my book, sunshine. He was on his way to bring the book down to the library’s basement, it seems. Continue reading below…


In my idea of heaven, I would like to think that there would be The Great Library. And in the library would contain all the best books I have ever read and will read one day in the future. The outer wall of the library will be built of red bricks. Inside it will all be in dark mahogany wood with a fine dark luster. It will be cosy, warm and friendly. And a piping hot cup of cocoa constantly served to your reading table.

The shelves will be designed in two types. One will be a fixed shelf, whereby we could browse to our heart’s content, from theology to quantum physics, from astrology to comics. The other type of shelves will be moving. And whenever our hand rests upon a book, it will be the exact book that our hearts desire at that point in time. Though sometimes, I expect the book would be one that our hearts ought to have desired. Either way, we will be contented bookworms in The Great Library of Heaven.

If you have ever written anything, surely you will find it in the Great Library. The first thing I may do in heaven (if I get there) would be to look for my book. And now I am imagining my annoyance when the Angelic librarian answers my query, “Oh YOU. Your book is in the basement. In the Never-Ever-Read section.”

Angels have no real wit. And they do not laugh. But when they find something is funny (in their childish sense of humour), their wings glitter. And this particular fellow’s appendages were glittering brightly indeed.

No great exposition of truth or wisdom here, sorry. No explanation nor claim of some great mystical insight. But I kinda enjoyed this whimsical little story. And I hope you enjoyed reading it too.

Have a fine Friday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.


Anonymous said...

A July Cancer is all I know, so you fill in the ‘day’ in the next couple of weeks!! Every day I look forward to seeing what you’re up to next in your writings and cartoons … it’s always fun, inspiring, entertaining, surprising, informative, endearing, talented, clever, to name a few … and because of this your birthday present is an Oscar from the Academy Awards for the best blog out there!! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Milky Tea said...

Dear Other Readers,

To all who may be concerned. I did not pay or otherwise compensate in cash or kind this reader, who frankly, must be a little nuts.
But this individual is the sort that makes me thank God, each and every day, that God somehow paused in His busy schedule to create this anonymous character for His Kingdom which is not just Heaven but this beautiful Earth that we all share.
It is indeed my birthday month. But just like the Cancerian crab, I may have a tough shell an a tendency of walking and talking sideways. But my flesh is sweet. So thank you, Anon. I live to write for such people as you. And I count myself lucky to be read by you and my other readers. It makes my life, somehow... worth living and worthy dying.
Again... Love for All, Love for the One God.