Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ship is called The Immortal. And on its Sails it bears the Sign of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

4. Corner of Eternity
The rain tasted like metal,
And my songs, once gleaming,
Have all turned to brown rust,
While my ship, the Immortal
Lie marooned in this corner of Eternity
That men call life.
In the main sail, we hoisted the standard of the Sun,
In the second sail, we unveiled the emblem of the Moon,
And in the third sail was sewn the sign of the Stars.

This little prose was recorded in a small collection this very same day, 28th July 2008, when the sinner was 38 years old. I must not have been too happy, that bit about rain tasting like metal and songs turning into rust. Although melancholic (being melancholy is a mandatory state of a writer) I was still filled with hope, because the prose ended with reference to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. What does that all mean?

THE SUN. In this way of annotating the contents of the universe, the Sun is often in reference to God - Necessary to all living things. Giving light and revealing the true nature of things and people that was once cloaked in a veil of darkness and ignorance. The True and All-Essential Fountain of Knowledge, for without knowledge how can we feel love, understanding and compassion for others? But much like the Sun, approach Him too close and we will be annihilated. Look directly into Him and our sight will be scorched. Therein lies the purpose and nature of the Prophet.

THE MOON. The Prophet is often depicted as the pearly orb in the night sky. And it is his nature, like the Moon, to reflect the Light of the Sun, that we might actually look upon the Light of God without hurting our vision. At night, the Moon is a source of comfort when all else is dark. A beacon for those who are seeking Love and Truth, and the Divine Inspiration of countless love songs and love letters.

THE STARS. These are often in reference to the Companions of the Prophet, for he once said that, "My Companions are like the stars in the night sky. Follow any one of them, and he will guide you safely."

Ahh. It is 'Today'. I wonder where this door leads to?
THE SHIP. Each day when I wake up, and the Angel of the Day has raised the hour upon my horizon, I look to the morning as the beginning of my journey - to raise the Sails and unfurl them in all their majestic glory. It is a journey through the time-scape that people call 'Today'. I shall visit many harbours and islands, which is the people I shall meet, and I shall try to avoid the stormy seas, which is my own ego and bad traits. Half way through, I shall note in my captain's log, which is this sinners' almanac, my observations of the day. And finally, I shall return to the silence of sleep, lying next to my First Officer, a little boy by the name of Mikhail. He is loud, eats too much and way too cynical and crusty at the age of 7. But sometimes, when all is quiet and I gaze at his sleeping face, I would see all three sails, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars glittering like a veil of light on his brow, his closed eyes, his nose, cheeks, lips and chin. So I know that even when we are asleep, our ship is still sailing a beautiful sea of Mercy, but where it is taking us, only God knows.

Good morning!
But now the morning looks fit for sailing, sunshine. Come, we have an ocean to cross! We are hunting pirates today! Ya Huuu!

Pax Taufiqa.

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