Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the Ministry of Intimacy only Nothing means Something

In the Minisry of Intimacy
The world is my home,
But it is with my Love
That I seek comfort,
Advice and succor…
And in the
In the antechamber,
Salon and boudoir
Of His Ministry
He tells me
Many secrets.

Onlookers often ask me,
‘What do you gain from
Such intimacies,”
I answer that it is
The most precious gift of all, …me.
But often I also reply that
It is The Gift of Nothing At All, …me.

Because only when you
Realize and accept that
You are nothing,
Can you be given yourself,
- Your true identity before your Lord
Instead of the illusory
Fiction which we often
Mistaken as our real selves.

If you have similar candies,
Share them with me,
But if you have none,
Then please, forgive my
Terrible indecency of seeing
How many things
Which you think matter,
Don’t really matter at all.

In His Ministry, I have found
Shelter away from doubt,

In His Ministry, I have found
Happiness and contentment,
And the greatest conspiracy
To ever face humanity,
The Conspiracy to be Happy.

These things cross my mind this evening,
When I contemplated the Lord,
The Truth, and Nothing really.

...Such is my work this Sunday
In the Ministry of Intimacy.

Pax Taufiqa

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