Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Cloisters of Love

A GOOD MORNING. When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew it would be a special day. For I felt happy, and I cannot discern why. While still lying in bed half awake I said thank you to God, and muttered some prayers that I could recall.

A BOOK FOUND. As I got up and just at the moment I was about to place my feet on the ground, I said Bismillahirahmanirahim, uttering ‘In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful’ as is the convention of many of my brethren. Immediately my gaze settled on the pile of books sitting on top of my cabinet, and lo and behold, there, safely tucked between some books were my pilgrimage journal, and inside it, in between the leafs, an olive branch I stole away from the Jerusalem Shrine of Rabia, the famous female Sufi saint. Long was I missing the journal which I thought lost. Hmm. Good beginning, I felt.

A FALL. Later that morning, as I was showering, I slipped on the soapy floor and tumbled like a sack of potatoes unto the hard tiles, but strangely, I was calm and not my normal self. On another day, I would probably be thrown into a fit of incandescent rage at my sorry luck. But this time, as I fell, it was almost in slow motion. And when I got up, I muttered, “Alhamdulillah’" - Praise be to God. I felt that it was not me saying the words, but I was defiantly committed to be happy today.
ALONE IN THE RAIN. In the rainy afternoon, I was alone. I called all my friends nearby to join me for chai (tea) but nobody was available. So I went out on my own. And sitting quietly in the crowded restaurant, I felt contented as I read the latest book I purchased yesterday.

Profoundly moved by the book, I immediately picked up my phone to sms my friends, Ariffin and Longhair a long message which I shall share with you one day. But for now, let me unfold the words that are now flowing through the door of my soul left unlocked by some forgetful Cherubim...

In the Cloisters of Love
I am the Library of Love in an abbey, so enter my cloisters to read about your destiny,
I am the Harbour of Love by the sea, so sail into my arms
And rest your weary fleet
By the warmth of a White Fire,
I am the Kitchen of Love for the hungry, so please take a seat
And sate your hunger and thirst with me,
I am the Stable of Love, so enter me and rein whatever knowledge
You need to ride in your Journey,

I am the Field of Love, so walk unto me and graze upon
The Sweet Grass of a Loving Lord,
I am the Lantern of Love, so take me by your hand
And light the darkest corner of your world with my light.

I am the Temple of Love, and now that I have invited Love in,
There is no need for me to be me any more...
Only for you to answer "I will."
And pass through my door
As my father, my mother,
my brother, my sister,
or my Master.

It is the greatest jest that God is playing that I am writing this. Me, the fool and unashamed charlatan. Me, the lazy (and fat) self-satisfied wordsmith. Me, the one of no significant achievement, save as being a very regular and very committed sinner.

Yet every day, I try to write as much as I can. And it is an honour, a mark pleasure which I cannot express to have my words read by you, sunshine… wherever and whoever you may be. I just felt you oughta know that.

Pax Taufiqa.

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