Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prophets and the Long Victory

WOOF! WOOF! I am dog tired, sunshine, and I ain’t kidding. I was just telling Russell that I don’t know what the heck am I gonna write this morning. I am just sipping my cup of coffee and the nicotine is slowly coursing through my tired limbs. I have the newspaper next to me, but it’s the same old bla-bla-bla. Note to self – Must sleep earlier.

As always, whenever I don’t know actually what to write, I just flip through my old stuff. Hmm… let me just search ‘morning’ and see what I can find. Ah… here’s one!

Hey, hey, I Saved The World Today
This morning, 6th October 2004,
I imagined a happy picture,
Of the Prophet singing
To the Eurhythmics tune,
‘…hey, hey, I saved the world today,..
everybody’s happy now,
the bad things gone away…

What a brilliant musical duo is Annie Lennox and David Stewart (Click for the Song).

THE PROPHETS’ SONGS. The Prophet, wherever he may be now, may like the song. It is after all  a wistful, melancholic but hopeful song - Just like the songs of all the Prophets through the ages. It appears that although there have been occasions of triumphant victories (Joseph – Prince of Egypt), a whole lot of prophetic tales involve a far more complex dissertation of the human psyche (look at Noah, Abraham, Lot). After all, you must admit that we can be complex and complicated (read confused) creatures. For myself, since I know more of about Muhammad Habibullah than any other prophets, I think that the Prophets’ Way is the way of the Long Victory.

THE LONG VICTORY is not about momentary triumphs or short-lived victories. It is about winning in the small and almost mundane things in our lives. How we sleep, how we eat, how we walk, how we breath and talk. How we greet our elders, how we drink our tea, how we work and how we play. Because above all, his teaching is about means not ends. Why wait for Heaven when you can bring heaven down to earth now? Why wait to flood Hell and extinguish its flames when you can end Hell now? All this he said we can do – if we are sincere in our good intentions in everything that we endeavour to do.

IKHLAS. If you aspire to the inner lore of religion, the hidden depth of Love, Servanthood and Submission which is taught in all the major religions, then you cannot do it in your prayers but leave it behind in your daily life. For such things to benefit you, it must be your life. But the way is not easy. It is the hardest thing you can choose to do in this world (For a previous posting on sincerity entitled 'The Essence of Ikhlas and Sincerity' Click Here)

YOU CAN SAVE THE WORLD. But it is also the best thing you can do in your short time here on mothership Earth. When you walk out the door today to go to work, to buy your groceries or to simply visit a friend, think of the Long Victory. And aspire to change to reveal the very best of you that the Prophet already knows you hold within your grasp. Unlock your grip to the happenstances and short-lived aspirations of your ego and set you soul free with good intentions and sincerity. For I believe that in that way, you WILL TRULY save the world today in a small but utterly real way. Don't be a useless old sinner like me, pet. Be better.

God bless your world, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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