Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In God's Circus, there was once a Clown and in the Divine Queue I am No. 6775235699

I know You have many suitors,
Dressed splendid in their piety
And charity.

I know of those coming to You
With bouquets of faith and how
Comely they must be!

I know You are the One,
And from near and far
They come to You,
That is You and what You are,
But I am me and will always
Just be me.

What can I do to appear
Good and lovely?
When in the end,
All I can give
Is just me?
You made me weak
You made me foolish
You made me appear
Like a Clown with
His big fake tears.
High above me
Your trapeze artists swing,
From the high wire
To the spiritual heights,
While me, Your poor dumb Clown
Only wants to slink and hide.

You will find me, o’ Love,
If You want to see me,
Waiting behind the lion’s cage,
Next to the river's edge,

Then tell me, o' Love, 
That in spite of it all,
It is me, Your fool,
That Your Heart
Do often recall.

YOU ARE NO. 6775235699. PLEASE BE PATIENT. When I think about it real hard (*think think think*) there must be so many, many people in front of me in the queue at God's Door. I mean, let's face it, there are those do-gooders helping the needy and the sick. There are those pious and gentle preachers of all ages and creed, guiding humanity to the Ever-Loving and Compassionate God. There are also those uber-good parents and grandparents, and not to mention the through-fair-and-foul-weather friends that we would simply die without. And that is just some classes of people that we might actually know. I would say that maybe, of hand... there is probably an odd 6.7 billion people (2009 World Population statistics) ahead of me in the Holy Queue. And this is not counting the dearly departeds who must number in the countless billions.

MY CUNNING PLAN is to use this blog so that you can help me, sunshine. You must be far ahead of me in the queue. So when you do get to say hullo to God, please (I beg of you) to mention my name, and tell Him that although I may be one of the last in queue, the sinner will get to Him, eventually. 

Have a perfectly wonderful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.


Shamsul Yunos said...

I borrowed this one and shared with out A Level friends, hope you don't mind

Milky Tea said...

Hehehe. I don't mind one bit. In fact thank you, Atuk!