Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Library of Love

The Library of Love

I wandered into the Library of Love,
And what a strange collection
That Love possesses,
For in all its cabinets and shelves
Are filled with books
All embossed by the singular title of
“Ahad & Ahmad”

I have been honoured with the permission
To open and read many
Although there is still
A mountain of books
Yet to be read.

In one book
I found an illustration
Of my mother,
In another I read the life of
My paternal grandfather,
In one giant book I became
Enamoured with the Angels,
And in the next I studied
The map of Hallaj’s heart.

In a colourful tome I was
Educated in the stories of
The People of God,
And their names were
Both Muslims and
I became acquainted with Raj,
Amir, John, Karen, Martin,
William and Maria.

In the donors' list
Of the Library I found
The names of the people
Who came to donate
Their own books… and
Their names were
Ominously familiar to me -
Rumi, Ruzbihan,
Abdul Qader Geylani,
Ibnu Arabi…

Pax Taufiqa

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