Sunday, July 31, 2011

Earth Spelled Another Way is Heart - The Prose of Ramadhan Part 5

Earth Spelled Another Way is Heart (The Ramadhan Verses #5)
The Lord God created humanity
As the Crowning Glory of His creation,

And He hid His Greatest Treasure
In the soil of Adam,
And in the earth of Eve.

God was the First, Awal
And He is the Last, Akhir
And as there is no god but God
So He is also the One Absolute, Ahad

So search for His Most Singular gift
In the clay mould of mankind,
And do not be discouraged if you
Find some soil to be cold and hard,
For the treasure IS there,
After all… remember that
Earth, spelled another way, is Heart.

Over dinner last night, my father said that he has been organizing our old family pictures and wanted to pass to me some old pictures of mine. I told him I wanted ALL the pictures to scan and preserve. I am a firm believer that although we should not be bogged down by bad memories, there are still so much wonderful memories to recall and inspire us. And as one senior Chinese lawyer once shared in a seminar, “You cannot move forward, indeed, you cannot even master the present, if you do not know how you got here in the first place!” Good advice.

You and God (The Ramadhan Verses #6)
By your existence
You confirm that God
Is the All-Loving All-Affectionate,

And if your existence
Do not confirm this…
Then verily,
You are not existing!

The fools of all faiths will not understand this. This is meant for human beings still attached to their conscience and committed to be a jolly good fellow for all humanity whatever the race, colour or creed. People who knows that regardless if they are Ulrich, Umar, Kumar or Ulbeg, we are all united in worship to the One True God. So that is why I am sharing it with you, sunshine.

Have a jolly good day, pet!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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