Friday, July 22, 2011

i LOVE me - An Intermission at 41

It's almost 2am and I should be sleeping. But I just want to shoot this out into the world before I bid her good night. I have been eyeing this red hot Americana item for 6 months. I love it because it strikes a chord in my whimsical soul - so RED. so CUTE. Each time I passed by the shop I toyed with the idea of buying it. Then later I found the same Zippo on sale at the Village Grocer supermarket not too far from home. "This was meant to be!" I thought to myself. Surely it is fated. But again I walked away.

Late tonight someone came to my house and gave the Zippo to me. It was exactly 12 midnight.

We shared a slice of berrie meringue cake, but before that I had to blow two small candles propped on top of it.

I do like me, I must admit. But that is only possible because someone like you can love someone like me.

Goodnight, sunshine. God bless our long-suffering companions, who makes it possible for us to like ourselves in spite of ourselves. It is a gift that we cannot measure. What else can I ask now that I am 41 years old?

And thank you, my friends. For letting me park my little cup of happiness at a corner of your consciousness. Come... drink with me.

Pax Taufiqa.


Anonymous said...


Love the Zippo! Great gift!

And thanks for your priceless gift to the world every day.

Milky Tea said...


I am a little river, all clogged up and not running properly. The stuff that I bring is just a razzmatazz of thoughts and dreams. But if what I write brightens your day, then thank you, and may today continue and end perfectly for you.

And yes. I love the Zippo too!