Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When We are United in Worship to God, Even the Most Impossible Hopes of Mankind Become Not only Probable, But Certain

“We can discover the wisdom to open the doors and windows of the Spirit. It begins, always, with a loving kindness towards ourselves. It is after all, almost impossible to truly love others…until we know, love, and accept ourselves. From this touchstone, we can spread our ability to love towards those in our inner circle, and then out into the wider world.

Begin with the breath of mindfulness, it is the breath that calls us to this moment. It is life’s breath. It is the breath that breathes through you, that you do not have to control, that you do not ultimately control.”

Not the same but same. So wrote Nun Tuck, my friend in her posting today entitled 'Love Kindness Meditation'. Much earlier in October 2004, I recorded the prose below…

1. On the Scale of al-Amin

We dream in eternity,
Unconfined by time and space,
But we count each breath,
Letting no moment go to waste.

Giving the great its due,
Giving the small its due,
In perfect balance,
Between what is Merciful,
And what is True.


Katherine aka Nun Tuck is a Christian writer. Ever since our paths crossed last year we have been bouncing thoughts and ideas across the thousands of parsecs that separate us. But it is merely physical distance, so it troubles us little.

Brethren in Conscience. When Katherine writes, she writes with biting honesty but also with a sense of common kinship with the rest of mankind - married to an impossible hope in a Love that would surmount humanity's most bitter divisions. She is my brethren in the theology of the conscience and I pray that God shall always lighten her burden and brighten her day with beautiful sights and souls. Otherwise, I am afraid that she might stop writing (hehehe). Click Here to read the rest of her soulful posting.

The Connection. Sometimes late at night, I would listen to a song and hope springs eternal. We are writing truths and we will not leave this world undefended against our eternal foes – the egos of those haters, bigots and hubris-mad men who would seek to destroy our unity in the worship of our One Beloved God. Whether clothed as a Christian, Jew or Muslim, I recognize my brethren, because I feel a connection.

The Song. Earlier this afternoon Heche shared with me this song – somehow I think it is apt to end this posting and I do hope you will like it too. It is Adele and she is singing “Make You Feel My Love”. For you see, when anything is possible in the Ministration of the Most Beloved, do we not feel His Love in each breath that we take and exhale?

Certainty in Hope. You know, sunshine, it is okay if you do not feel the love 24 hours a day. Life is after all a journey and we are not perfect. But at least you and I, we are assured by what lies ahead – The All Loving God Who is Most Compassionate and Most Merciful to all His servants. And that makes the most impossible hope not only probable, but certain.

Pax Taufiqa.

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