Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 13 Wishes of a New Bride

Don’t take love advice from a divorcee. Metaphorically hobbling about like a World War I veteran, wounded and grumpy, we must look and sound like a right pretty sight.

But the truth of the matter is love makes no distinction between young or old, married or single (or ‘recycled’, as one client likes to call my status). It makes the most experienced and world-weary of us to once again cast that second glance at Love and wonder, “Hmm…. Maybe. Just maybe.” and to again fall deeply, and abjectly in love.

Tonight I am attending the celebration of love in the union of two souls in holy wedlock. (Yes, I mean a wedding). The bride is Heche’s closest buddy, and a girl I really like. She is sassy, smart and arty-farty. Heche is gonna be a co-emcee, so she will be there earlier. She asked for a poem, and I gerrymandered one of my favourite poems previously entitled ‘Dearest, Spoke my Love'. I don’t know if it will actually be recited tonight (you know… wedding reception itinerary can change in the last minute). So for the bride, if she didn’t get to hear it tonight, this is the original unabridged version with its new title, which you must admit, sounds far more jazzy…

The 13 Wishes of a New Bride
"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my blood and it is red,
If you love me, paint the canvas
Of your life with me."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my heart and it is wounded,
If you love me, take my heart
And heal my hurt."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my hand, and it is delicate,
If you love me, hold it firmly enough for me
To know that you are here,
But don't crush my spirit."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This are my lips, and they
Are seldom silent, both wisdom
And folly issues forth from them,
If you love me, kiss my lips,
Listen to my wisdom, and
Ignore my foolish speech.

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my memories,
"If you love me, remember where I
Come from and accept me and
My memories as one,
For we are inseparable."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"These are my weaknesses, and I have a few,
If you love me, hide them as you would hide
Your most precious stones,
Guard my name as you would
Guard your own."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is all my hope, and it is alive.
Help make it come true and I
Shall help makes yours
Come true too."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is the abyss of my fears and it is dark.
Be the bridge for me to walk across, and
Whisper into my ears, 'There is nothing
To fear, now that Love is here'."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my family and they are mine.
Love them, as you love yours and
Crown me as your queen before
The Throne of Time."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my feet and they have walked
Far and wide to find you. Anoint me
In the truth of healing upon
The bed of divine relief."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my eyes, and tears have run
The length of the Nile in my sorrows.
So tell me that today I am yours,
And I am yours for
All your tomorrows."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is my ears, and I am tired of
Hearing the promises of men.
So promise me nothing, but walk with me
On the path of life, Serenaded by angels,
While above us, the Moon is smiling,
Merciful and happy."

"Dearest," spoke my love,
"This is who I am, and if I appear
Foolish, teach me. And if I appear
Impatient, be patient with me.

Guide me as you are guided, and
Speak plainly to me. I need no roses
To be sprinkled before my feet, I need
No honeyed words to sooth my temper.
Just tell me that you love me
And that you will love me forever.

Have a joyful Sabbath, sunshine. And especially for the bride… may your wedding tale end with the traditional “And they lived happily ever after” as how all fairy tales should end. May Love bless your new life with His Presence, always.

And to spread the happiness further... if anyone wants to use the poem for their own wedding (or any other celebration of love, really), please go ahead. What merit or credit that I may get, I will sort it out later with our All-Loving God. Hehehe.

Pax Taufiqa.


Anonymous said...

ur writing 5 poems for me on my wedding day. otherwise i would hold it against you for not being fair and favour ateh more than u do me. u and henche will reside it side by side.-fifon

Milky Tea said...

When that blessed day comes, it would be our honour to do so. Amin, amin, amin.