Saturday, July 9, 2011

All Proof is in Their Creation

All Proof
I was once a pupil,
But in class
I was neither here nor there.

Teacher asked me
What I wanted to be,
And I said that I didn’t care.

I was once a student
Sent to a foreign land
And there I tried hard
To miss as many classes
As I can.

Then I arrived in a big city
Already dead inside,
But I faked my life
Walking with the living
Under the bright living lights.

I used to walk the quiet cemeteries
Making friends with the dead,
Saying hello to the tombstones
And the beautiful that sleep
Beneath their silent runestones.

Many years later, I was home
When one of the dead who
Was passing my house
Said, “Follow me”
And I followed him to
An association of Love,
And to me it felt like home,
A little paradise that fell
From the heaven above.

“You have only one life to live”, he said
“And you only have one name to live for.”
He held my hand, continuing
“Forget the past and what you were once before,
Live now for a life compensating
For the beautiful death
That is the fate of us all.

Live, for one day you will write all this,
For the stars and the moons,
For the men and women
Who will read and wonder
Whether you write the truth
Or are you a charlatan,
Asking for proof from you
When all proof
Is in their

What more proof do we need when we read about love, faith, kindness, compassion, trust and gratitude? Have our fathers and mothers, have our brothers and sisters not shown us enough? Have our friends or teachers failed to give us their undivided support - To steel our souls and hold our hand in the face of life's many trails and trials?

In this dying planet we have one last chance, to make one more magnificent show of humanity and its divine promise. And that last chance is your life, pet. Before we die, as we all will inevitably, before we release our grip of life at the exhortation of Azrail the Angel of Death, let us live life well - to challenge the hedious powers of our ego, our hate, our fears, our envy, our arrogance and hubris. With Love on our side, how can we do otherwise? I feel Love in the gentle caress of a morning breeze, in the warm company of my family and friends. And I know you do too.

Pax Taufiqa.

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