Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Irritating Thing About Being 'Right' - The Human Ego and Its Diabolical Pretense of Right and Wrong

Muhammad the Prophet prophesied (that being what Prophets do) that there will come a time in the future (ergo, now) when his followers will wake up a believer and go to sleep an unbeliever. And the next morning he may wake up as an unbeliever, but goes to bed a believer. This is not talking about someone taking up or dropping the religion of Islam per se, but about the degrees by which we allow our ego to dictate our action and our words. And it would be very foolish to think that in 'good deeds' and even in our prayers that we are somehow immune to our ego. Our ego will take whatever credit it can in everything we say and do. Whether we are performing our pilgrimage, building an orphanage or writing a blog.

When Muslims bears witness that there is no god but God, it also means that there is no ego but God's ego. After all, He owns everything so He is justified to claim thus. Fortunately, mankind benefits that God's ego is reflected in His Divine Attributes of the Loving, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful Creator. Our ego is nothing like that at all. It is our numero uno enemy, if we allow it to control us.

Many friends say that I am often condescending, and I am unable to hide my feelings if I feel that someone said something wrong, stupid or simply boring. But nothing stirs my gut more then when I read the ridiculous pronouncements of professional God-botherers and preachers who have anointed themselves as God's representatives on this world. I wouldn't mind this really, if they are a nice sensible lot. But some of them are, hmm... how shall I put this politely, two cents short of a dollar. And when they say what they say, it is not good for me, because my ego would be strumming on the boardwalk of my mind, happy at not being wrong. Happy at the sight of the 'others' being foolish...

1. Maddening declarations of bookish scholars
I wish they would just keep quiet,
And attend to more useful charity,
Than their common cause and
Mad judgments, all in the
Name of their piety.

For it does my ego
No good at all.

It is hard enough to keep
My feet on the ground these days,
Without bookish scholars
Making maddening declarations,
Thus feeding my ego,
Who is telling me now,
“Oohh… How stupid are they,
How bright and wise am I!!”

So I am forced to count
How delightfully dumb I am,
Just so I can keep
My ego down…

And I don’t like to do this!!!

Hehehe. I am never satisfied, am I? Not satisfied whether I am right or wrong. I don't think I shall ever be truly happy, not until the day comes and I am (hopefully) brought before the Divine Presence and the Throne, and there I will lay my soul and my ego before the Most Beloved and Most Loving, asking for merciful intercession from the one whose ego never ruled his soul.

Have a soulful day, my brother and sister. God bless you.

Pax Taufiqa.

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