Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reconciliation & Love in this Amazing Creation - That's you and me, sunshine

12. Children
O’ Lord,
What honour
Have Thou bestowed
Greater than our children?

Precious beyond the ken of men,
Beautiful, paradise-sprung,
For our hearts to render ill
In thoughtful appraise
Of Thy Magnificent Handiwork.

O’ Boundless King,
In Thy Hands
We trust
Our children’s happiness,

Fresh roses in the Garden of Your Beloved!
Glistening with dew of angels’ tears,

Bright is their mantle,
Sparkling with the Light of Your Most Praised!

I am a bad father. When my son was sleeping last night, I took a picture of him (flashlight and all). It is simply Providence that I did not disturb his sleep. God has to work overtime you see, to keep me out of trouble.

This is the balcony view I have each morning when I wake up. I am lucky that the house faces one of the few empty lots left in my neighbourhood. So in the morning I see greenery and trees. This is a simple little pleasure, but in some odd way, it sets me up for a good happy day.

This being a happy moment for me, I beg your permission to share with you a little doggeral recorded by your sinner in 2007. It is a prose in praise of the Prophet, if such things like words can encompass his magnificent delicacy and attributes... 
18. Loving me
Loving me,
Is to learn patience,
And pass through each ‘you’,
Until you find me.

It will not be easy,
But ease is not for this life,
Not if it is to be worthwhile,

Dear friend,
Ask the stars, if you will,
Ask the moons and the sun,
Ask the arch angels and the cherubims,
Is there any better end for you than coming to me?

They shall not answer you completely,
For their wisdom does not encompass my reality,

But for you? Oh blessed you, you need only to find me!

I have not met him, this Prophet of God. For he was born and he died a long, long time ago. But in the countenance of the kind and caring, in the compassionate hands of the gentle and loving, I see him. And may I be branded a fool or a heretic (hehehe, as I am already a sinner), but I see his essence in all that is good in this world. And it matters not to me one bit if you call yourself a Jew, an Animist, a Wiccan, a Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, a Muslim or a Hindu. For I see virtue in you already, and I cannot help but love you.

We cannot change the world, only our perception. And I certainly do not want to change you. But if we can just learn to get along and highten our sense of empathy, I don't see why this epoch cannot be known for its reconciliation and love. The preachers of hate and lobbyists of hubris are forever saying to us that 'you are you' and 'they are they'. But in the certainty of beauty which outline your child's features and in the little pleasures that the Lord grants us in our daily lives, we cannot deny His Grace. And before such Grace, surely the only tone we can take in our life is one of gratitude in being part of His beloved and amazing creation. So, sunshine... talking as one amazing creation to another, are we not brothers and sisters?

Have a nice day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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