Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Responsibilities of Husband and Wife

37. Responsibilities of husband and wife
It is sometimes said that
The responsibility of
A husband is greater than
The responsibility
Of the wife.

But how heavy is
The wife’s responsibility
To accept the husband
When she thinks
He is wrong
In his responsibilities?

O’ Adam,
Make it not difficult
For Hawa to perform her duties,

O’ Hawa,
Make is not difficult
For Adam to perform his duties,

And verily,
In the Lord of Adam and Hawa
You will find eternal recompense
For what patience both of you show!

I am not married. I once was, and I have a son to prove for it. My client jokingly likes to call me 'recycled goods'. I myself used to refer to myself as 'damaged' with 'reasonable wear and tear'. But I think I am neither. I am just me, one of many hundreds of million or perhaps billion of souls out there hoping one day for an opportunity to marry.

I hope to be a good husband one day. As you too perhaps hope to be a good hubby or wife. It is not the easy path, but if you choose this way, then I wish you all the best and may you find the wisdom and patience to gain the eternal recompense of the Lord of Adam and Eve. I am thinking about all this because within this one year, a bushel of friends are planning to get hitched. Jolly exciting stuff!

God bless you, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.


Michael said...

what's the history on that painting? my grandmother had a copy of it as far back as i can remember and i wanted to know...thanks

Milky Tea said...

Dear Micheal,, which normally credits the artist or first publication does not have any details on this art print. There is however a very similar painting to this by Lucas Cranach the Elder, circa 1530. Perhaps this is not saying much because the pose and figures in the picture has been replicated in many other Adam and Eve paintings and prints. But from my untrained eye, Lucas's painting has many similarities to your grandmother's picture which looks to be a much, much more recent creation. Sorry that I am unable to assist anymore than that.

Thank you for dropping by!