Monday, July 4, 2011

Adam & Eve, the Best of You and the Best of Me

Adam and Eve
Adam was alone,
And yea, verily God
Assented to his plea
And created Eve.

So that one day,
Adam with Eve by his side,
Will return to God
And His Paradise of Delights.

And sometimes,
It is for Eve to chase Adam,
Angry, ashamed and disgruntled
Into the care of He,
The One Who Consoles,

And sometimes,
It is for Adam to chase Eve
Forgotten, neglected and torn
Into the embrace of He,
The One Who Embraces.

And sometimes,
It is for each Adam and Eve,
Weary, disappointed, and remorseful
To bring themselves
Into the guiding Light of He,
The One Who Guides, saying
“Oh Lord, I am weary of myself”

Only for God to answer,
“That is simply because you
Have not found the best of you.

I know you, I made you,

…Let Me Guide you to the best you.”

We are not perfect, you and I. Sometimes we cannot meet the expectations of our better-halves. And sometimes we fail to meet even our own expectations. But things are never appalling so long as we remember that we are not alone whether on our own or in the private embrace of our lover.

For the One True Reality exists in the One True Love, unmatched by any love stories of Adam and Eve or Joseph and Zuleika, and that is the love of God for us.

Have a good Monday, sunshine. And for the record, let me state here that I simply cannot wait to meet the best you! But I am aware that the likelihood of such an occurrence will increase ten thousand fold only when I am my best me. Oh dear... How am I ever gonna get there without your help?

So Jews. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and ….. (add your religion here), let us, as true brothers and sisters would, encourage, motivate and pray for each other, that God might lighten our burden and ease our journey to find the best of ourselves. There in the Valley of Perfection, I am sure I will meet you. I am just hoping that I will also get to meet me! Hehehe.

Pax Taufiqa.

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