Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wisdom is a House built on the Mountain of Mistakes - Sinners' Dictionary

1. Patience is the gift of foresight
Writing is the gift
Of hindsight,
Patience is the gift
Of foresight.

So you see,
I have no patience at all!

I think I have been brutally frank that I have little patience. Just 30 minutes ago I was driving back with Heche and our friend, Fifi, when we were caught in a traffic jam. I speeded away through an alternative route, and happily it got me back home in time. It was not just me that was impatient, you see, my bladder was too. An boy, was it a close call...

HINDSIGHT. It is easy to write. I have all the time in the world to ponder in hindsight upon my successes and mistakes, my rights and wrongs, and to summarise it into a posting. It lends a glint of wisdom, but this ‘wisdom’ is a house built over a mountain of my past mistakes and follies.

FORESIGHT. I have many friends who are far wiser than me. They don’t have to build their Mountain of Mistake to get their dose of wisdom, since by their patience, they attend to their daily life with care and diligence. So they avoid hasty errors and always have the long-term view.

Sometimes life is about making mistakes. But often, we make the mistakes because we are not patient. We become pressured by our own impatience into choosing the wrong path and saying the wrong things. So be more patient, sunshine, to be happier. Why build a mountain of errors to find wisdom, when you can walk the straightest and shortest path to wisdom - Patience.

Have a lovely Sunday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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