Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Ramadhan Kareem - THE PROSE OF RAMADHAN PART 1

Happy Ramadhan Kareem! (The Ramadhan Verses 1)
May God and His Most Beloved Prophet
Rain blessings upon blessing
Into thy life and thy family’s!

May He expand thy heart
To receive His Immeasurable Grace
In this Blessed Month!

There is none,
In this world or in the next,
In this universe or upon
The spiritual heights of Mount Qaf
That loves thee better than
Muhammad and his Lord!

In the name of al-Wadud (and)
The Most Excellent!


al-Kareem – one of God’s Divine Names, meaning the Generous, Beneficent. So Ramadhan Kareem means Ramadhan the Generous.
al-Wadud – one of God’s Divine Names, meaning the Loving One, or the Affectionate One
Mount Qaf – is the range of mystica mountains that rings the entire creation (some say)

I know, I am kinda early... hehehe, but I shot this greeting to my friends via sms yesterday. But I have many friends, so how can I forget you, sunshine? For those who call themselves Muslims, and for those who are my brethren in unity of worship of the One God, regardless of the creed that you hold, I wish you, with all of my sinful heart, the very best of Ramadhan for you. Oh, and Mikhail wishes you that too.

God bless you, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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