Monday, July 18, 2011

The Grand Conspiracy of the Cookie Jar of God - Trust me... it makes sense. Sort of.

Life is a Set-Up, a Sting
(The Cookie Jar of God)

This is a set up.
A conspiracy by God
And His cronies of

This is a sting.
A well executed operation
By the Lord
To entrap us into
Acting and confessing
Our guilt.

My mother was in it
Right from the beginning,
So was my father and brothers.
And now I know that
All of my friends abetted God
In His grand scheme,
Which He meticulously affected
Through the agency
Of His Prophets, Saints and Angels.

I never stood a chance.
I never had an inkling.
Deprived as I was
Of my senses,
In the state of loving,
All planned by
He Who plans best
And He Who loves best.

Creating each atom of oxygen
That I breath,
In each second of my life,
From the rising of the Sun
To its setting in the West.

Confounded by Love
At every turn,
To be finally
Caught red handed...
With my mittens
In the Cookie Jar of God.

Oh, my love,
Did you know about this?
Or are you part of the conspiracy too!?

Nobody conspires like God. Nobody plans and executes his plans as perfectly as God. Not a flutter of a leaf in the breeze, not an earthquake occurs that is not in His plan. Each of our success, and each of our errors, all are occuring in a singular plan unmatched in its breadth and depth. Each microscopic pulse which runs through our neurons was pre-arranged and organised according to His will.

I am a conspiracy freak. But I am not interested in the Illuminatis, the Masons or the Boy Scouts. My curiousity is about the Lord and His ways. I don't have a complete picture yet. Some of the information I have gathered cannot be verified. But I suspect... indeed I am totally worried, that you and I, and the rest of humanity... holy moly(!)... we are all being set-up by God's own conspiracy of Love and Happiness.

Forgive me if I appear paranoid... but I cannot help feeling this way. For I see and hear little hints and clues which inexorably lead me to a single conclusion - that God Loves us. Yes... yes. I know this is sometimes difficult to accept. Especially when bad things appear to happen to us (and other people). But perhaps the fault lies in us, and not God? 

I admit it, sunshine. I have trespassed into the Temple of the Elders. And there, in their most secret Holy Pantry, I have dipped my mittens into the Cookie Jar of God. I found it to be full of Love Cookies. Baked by God Almighty Himself. And boy... He is the Best Baker ever...

Want some?

Pax Taufiqa.

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