Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jose Mourinho meets God and decides who is the truly Special One - "Tough call, but I think it is God", he says...

183. The Little Things
If I am not your distraction,
Shall I ever be your devotion?
If you do not remember Me in the little things,
Will any miracle persuade you into believing?

15. How glad I am!
How glad I am,
To be granted access
To this divine garden.
To see the roses and tulips,
To see the flowers rising to the sun,
To see the herb shrubs hidden beneath.

How glad I am,
To be separated from all of these wonderful gems,
That I may see them and gaze in wonder.
To see a leaf fall to the ground,
To see a sapling struggle from the earth,
And to bask in the benevolent sight of the Sun
And His beloved Moon.

How glad I am
To be born.

I like itsy bitsy things. And this is ironic considering I am neither itsy nor bitsy. Perhaps I am simply lazy that way. On my desktop theme (courtesy of Microsoft), the grand vistas of mountains, glacier lakes and awesome desert pictures brightens my day. But I bet it took the photographer a pretty long walk to get some of those shots. Huffing and puffing up a rocky face of an outcrop or treading across a blazing hot desert.

Cancerian? Perhaps it is because I am a Cancerian. Well known to be homebodies and not too adventurous. A lover of the small, cosy and comfortable, like a bonsai tree.

Just for me? Thank You, my Lord! Well, big or small, God has created a world that has suited my taste to the 't'. Often when I walk, I would notice a small inconsequential flower, propped up in a crack of the pavement. Or a tiny little sapling growing by the side of a pillar. If  I was utterly selfish and self-centred (and I am not far from that, sunshine) I would think that this entire Universe, from the hidden basement right up to the heavenly attic, was created SOLELY for my personal gratification. Me alone and no one else.

The fact that the other six odd billion people on earth can think the same thing, just simply goes to show how Totally Awesome and All-Amazing God can be in His creation and recreation of Life on earth and other places. God can make everyone feel totally special all the time - And that is why He is the truly Special One. And perhaps not that ex-manager of Chelsea F.C. (although I must admit that I admire his successful soccer record).

Me eez Special One? No... It eez God, I admit.
Hehehe. Have a special day, Jose!

Pax Taufiqa

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