Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Servanthood to the Finite precedes Servanthood to the Infinite - Translation: Be Nice And God will Like You

God is the Infinity in any Equation

If you are just 10% with God,
You are not 90% with the world.

If you are 90% with God,
You are not just 10% with the world.

If you are 100% with God,
You are not 0% with the world,
Actually, you would be a Prophet,
And Prophets are all 100% x infinity with the world,
Because being with God
Increases you and your presence infinity times over.

So you are not a Prophet, but so what?
You can still increase your presence with God
And become a better person,
A better spouse,
A better lover,
A better worker,
A better father or mother,
A better son or daughter,
A better auntie or uncle,
A better niece or nephew,
A better you.

And that is the guaranteed sum
Of your presence in the Divine Presence,
As witnessed by the Moon and Sun...
Good for God, good for you
Good for everyone…

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let the buyer beware) – If you do wish to purchase the prose above, you ought to be warned. That the price of entry into the Divine Presence (as listed in the Divine Brochure of Saints) is servanthood. Servanthood to men and servanthood to God.

SPIRITUAL EXCUSE? The attainment of spiritual enlightment is not the excuse or pretext to lessen our responsibilities to our family, friends and neighbours. In fact, your salvation is through their happiness. So avoid doing what is irritating or annoying to others. Because, sunshine, as I have learnt (and is still learning with each day) - you will not deserve presence of the Infinite, if you cannot master yourself in the presence of the finite.

SO SEEK THE INFINITE IN THE FINITE. Live amongst people, work and play with them. Make people laugh and smile, make them reflect on the goodness of God – but this you cannot do if you yourself are not good and charitable to them. So don’t be like this tired sinner. Be a good person, and do good unto others always, then surely God the Good will be happy to have your good company. Good attracts Good, you see.

Sorry, sir. The manufacturer doesn't warrant your piety. Perhaps you should do more charity?
Have a good day!

Pax Taufiqa.

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