Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Muezzin and the Lord - Good Mornings and Silver Linings

The Muezzin and the Lord
My Love,
I woke up this morning
With Your name upon my lips,
Where did You take me
In the fastness of my sleep?

I woke up this morning
To the cry of the muezzin,
As he called upon the Muslims
In his humble yet
Earnest greeting.

But in my bed,
Alone without a lover
I felt that it was You
Who called me,
My Love, my Lord
And No Other.

I woke up this morning
With a smile upon my face,
My soul surprised and happy
To awake in Your embrace.

As you can tell, the morning appears to be perfect. The day is beginning with happiness which is worthy to be written. So that's what I am doing. I write it. This is what I do, you see.

Oh things are never actually perfect. In a perfect world (with a perfect me), I would not be walking down the stairs with my limbs aching after a cold night. In a perfect world, I am sure I would be practically prancing down like a lively little pony, instead of the weary shivering walk of a tired old sinner.

And you know, not everything that happens to me, that I see and hear in this world is 'good'. But when things appear rotten, I do not write it down immediately. I wait to see the silver lining. It will be there, even if the waiting takes years. And no, it's not because the silver lining takes that long to appear (God would not do that to His beloved servants). The silver lining was always there to begin with, it is only we who do not see it - Distracted as we are, by this world and our ego. But this morning is special. It is especially good, and the silver lining is shining from the heart with a warm golden hue.

May you have many, many such golden mornings, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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