Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Vanity of a Killer - Oslo, Norway, July 2011. The Frightening End Game of the Human Ego

THE EGO. Over one year that I have been seriously writing, I have touched upon the human ego 36 times according to the label cloud on the right hand column of this almanac. I thought I have written more, considering how important the subject is.

Perhaps it is because the topic of the ego sometimes delves into the dark psyche of our consciousness, a shadowy and forbidding place that I find distasteful to stay too long in.

VANITY OF A KILLER. After watching the Young Turks podcast on the main and so far, only suspect) of the appalling massacre in Oslo, I am drawn to write about the ego again. One of the most fascinating aspect of the show was about the little manifesto that the crazy nut posted online before he began his mass killing. And the funny thing was that such a large chunk of it was almost entirely concerned with his good looks, ergo his vanity. He advised a would-be mass murderer to have pre-murder portraits and even videos, so that their pictures can be disseminated easily by the mass media. He also advised his fellow fuckwits to spend a couple of hours at a solarium so they will look fresh(!), perhaps even visit a male salon(!!) and apply some ‘light make-up’, to ensure that when they are arrested (or perhaps shot dead), they (or their corpses) would be looking their best for the news camera. Insane. Click Here for the TYT Youtube profile of the killer.
The TYT Crew. In front is Cenk, the flaming atheist. But I like him.
THE YOUNG TURK (Well, American of Turkish descent) - Cenk Uygur is a flaming atheist and the main host of the Young Turks, but I like him for his humanity and honesty. And you can observe his utter disgust and amazement in reading about this rotten little edifice of a human being. If you are not familiar with the TYT Network, this is a short blurb from their website. I guess you could say that they are progressive-left-of-centre in the political spectrum in the USA -

The Young Turks is the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, pop culture and lifestyle. The show is one of the Top 50 You Tube Partners, with over 28 million views a month and half a BILLION total video views on the The Young Turks YouTube Channel. The Young Turks received a 2011 People's Voice Webby Award for Best News & Politics: Series, 2011 News/Politics Shorty Award, the Best Political Podcast 2009 at the Podcast Awards and Best Political News Site 2009 at the Mashable Awards.

I am not gonna write much as I think Cenk had said it all about the vain and insane mass murderer.

HUBRIS. May we all learn a lesson from this tragedy, although I think it is purchased at an impossibly high price of human lives. Say no to hate. Say no to the rampant human ego. Say yes to religion but always say NO to the Religion of Hubris.
If your idea of religion turns into this, turn back and think again.
Have a thoughtful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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