Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the Temple of Love there was George Benson... and Almighty God had a question to ask.

In 2004 I wrote…

156. Jihadi I
While you are fighting the small jihad*
The Devil is fighting the big jihad**.
And guess what? He is winning!

* The so-called ‘holy war’ self-proclaimed and driven by unholy hubris and damn despair
** The one in your heart. The one that actually truly matters.

IN YOUR HEART. It makes sense, you see. Bullets can maim and kill your body. But it is hate (and fear, envy, bigotry, hubris… well, all the negative stuffs) that is the bullet that can actually kill you and me. This horrible tune that beats a different rhythm to the music of love. In fact it cancels out love. Because if we cannot live in Love, then truly we are dead to the world, dead to ourselves, dead to God and His Nabi. No amount of speculation and earnest religious application will save you if you lose the basic bedrock, the foundation and the essential cornerstone of the Temple of Love that is you.

IN YOUR EYES. I love this song by George Benson (Click Here), a titan amongst the love crooners. And I think it is simply too naïve for us to limit this song to a romantic interlude of a man and a woman. As I would often exclaim to my friends (who would often shake their heads with resignation) “This is a Prophet’s song!”

A girl who I love once said, “You are SUCH a sweet talker!” I simply replied, “You cannot blame me for saying sweet things, when the truth is sweet.”

IN GOD’S EYES. And really, it is exactly the same vis-à-vis God. We say such lovely things about Him, we say He is Totally Amazing and Beautiful in countless ways. We cry lonely tears of happiness, away from the crowd, thinking, “How can You love me so…?” We look at our family, friends and lovers, and we muse, “Why do You fill my life with so many treasures?” And when hurt and regretful, we yearn, “Oh God…” until finally, a day will come when you are brought before the Divine Presence, and God Almighty questions you before all of Creation, and asks, “How can you say such sweet things about Me?” and to which you would give the same reply… You cannot blame me for saying sweet things, when the truth, the Truth of what You Truly Are is heartbreakingly sweet.”

I am no innocent. I have been to places I shouldn’t have been, I have done things which I cannot tell my mama. Yet I think God still loves me. I squirm and my hair stand on ends when I think about this… as each morning the day greets me and I feel that “God, You have not forsaken me…”

And really, I don’t think He ever will. It is not in His Nature.

May I be there, sunshine, to see you squirm with happiness in the Divine Court. Hehehe

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote – Dear readers, please find me another article which can fit in George Benson, the false jihad, the great jihad, the Devil, God, the Temple of Love and the Divine Court all in one posting… and I will happily eat my shoe.

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