Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God and the Unholy Details. Our similarities with the Devil - Too close for comfort?

 1. Love is in the detail
Love knew me,
Knowing all that I do,
Each second, each hour,
Each day.

So I asked,
"Don't you get tired?
Am I not becoming stale?"
Love replied, "My love,
Love is not love, if I don't
Love you in every scrutable detail."

GOD AND THE DEVIL. There is a saying that the Devil is in the detail. But there is none comparable to God Himself when it comes to details. Knowing all, seeing all, hearing all, the Lord Almighty is the only personality whom you can arguably say knows you the best of all. Why, better even than your mother, your wife or your nursemaid.
An eye-candy picture. I don't know what else  to put up.
Sorry, I am lazy sometimes.

DON'T SCREW WITH HIM. There is an old Arab saying, "God will forgive you, but don't screw with the Devil."

SPELL CHECK. I don't understand why the blogspot's spell-check says that the word 'scrutable' is misspelled or does not exist when it can accept 'inscrutableness' as a word. Well, scrutable basically means comprehensible as does inscrutable means incomprehensible. But I guess it shouldn't surprise me when even the name blogspot is not recognised. Hahaha! Not as detailed as God (or the Devil) I guess...

But we are talking about Love here, Love and God, why am I bothered about the Devil? But sometimes the old saying of mystics ring true - that everything is known by its opposite.
Not actually the Devil. 
The Devil is however not the only opposite of God. I think you should know that. Everything else, especially things which perceive themselves as separate from God, and that includes you and me, sunshine - we are all opposites of God. Only when we reject our selfish egos and align our hearts with the Divine Attributes of the Most loving, Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, do we get closer to Him. So let's be nice. Even with the grumpy neighbour next door.

Have a heavenly day, baby. It's your choice!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.


Uncle said...

Bro, how can you say we're opposites of God when God Himself is incomparable? Opposites when u compare between things/objects, right?

Milky Tea said...

I wrote a long comment, but perhaps I am wrong in writing it and have taken the measure to erase it.

I guess to each his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And that really, it is the human nature to compare, to weigh and to choose, that makes God Incomparable in comparison.

Have a good day, Uncle!