Saturday, September 24, 2011

Holy Mediocrity, Annhilation of Self and Facial Hair - Old Toons 2

A tritoon (is there such a word?) of sketches. Published before (I think) in this almanac, I really cannot remember these things.

People have high hopes in their religious ambitions. I have very limited aspirations. And I don't want too much trouble getting them. I am sorry for God for having someone like me...

Fana is the state of divine annihilation of a person. Some mystics call it 'to die before dying'. There are many stages of this. Some Christians may consider this similar to the idea of 'born again'. As you can see, nothing is sacred to me, and I am quite happy making fun of anything really. Christianity ought to count itself lucky that I am not one of its adherents...

And sometimes it is all just about me. I get no end of complain about my facial hair from Heche. She says I am lucky to have someone so concerned about my appearance. Yes. I feel so lucky indeed. Many a times I have found myself beseeching God Himself, "Oh Lord, I do not deserve such blessings!."

Have a wonderful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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