Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rainbow Eyes & Velvet Smiles

Rainbow Eyes & Velvet Smiles
I sat with love
In a corner shop
Not far from her home,
She had her iced tea
While I had her rainbow eyes
And velvet smiles.

I took a drag from
The cigarette in my hand,
And for awhile she was gone
But then the smoke subsided
And fate stopped playing pretend
To reveal her once again,
Looking at me with her rainbow eyes
And smiling at me through
The receding plumes of smoke
With her velvet smiles.

Marriage evades me for a while,
But this doesn’t mean that I cannot
Pay tribute to the lovely and beautiful,
The quiet strength of a love united.

I would speak of God by now,
But God is saying, No, keep your intimacy
Awhile for her, For even if you cannot see,
Verily, I see. And you do not know
How well I love her. So of her moods and motion,
Of her sighs and emotions, study well.

I have been to 2 weddings last weekend. I have another one tomorrow night. And another the next weekend. I am happy for these kids. God bless their furry warm hearts. 

Weddings and births. I am sorry but I feel all fuzzy inside when I think of them. Weddings are the occasion when people place their faith in God. And births are events when God places His faith in us. 

And death? Death is the moment when the divine runes say, "Oh just come back home! You have been away too long already."

Pax Taufiqa

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