Friday, September 9, 2011

You THINK you have Faith (Iman). Now that is where all the problem begins...

You have Iman? Think again!
If you think you have iman,
There arises the fear
That someone can come
And overcome your iman.
Break into your soul
And steal away that
Precious faith of yours!

If you think you have none,
What can any devil, mugger or illuminati
Ever steal away from you?

Become nothing, my friend...
For there is nothing in nothing.
Nothing for anyone to steal away from you.

Not even you.

There are many meanings associated to the word 'iman'. Most commonly used is faith or belief. Like many Arabic words, especially those associated with religion, there are several technical and literal meanings, which is beyond the intelligence (or dedication) of this sinner to explore. I would have to study hard and end up writing an entire book on iman. But I just have 20 minutes. Sorry.

YOU THINK YOU HAVE. Of course, you should have faith. You should pursue and make it your ambition to have faith. But that is something very, very different from THINKING you have faith.

INTERFAITH. We are not dicing the meaning of words for no reason. The problem sometimes with people of any religion talking and opening up with people of other religion is because they think that they already have faith. That they have this wonderful and perfect answer in them already. And that to spend time with the unbelievers may cause them to somehow lose this iman-faith that they claim they already possess. So yet again, God gets blamed because of the narrow mindedness of people who assume that they know God best.

WE KNOW THAT GOD IS NOT TO BE BLAMED. So let's be nice to everyone, regardless of how and by which name they call upon our One God. Then maybe God will reward us for being kind and compassionate to ALL of God's creatures, yes?

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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