Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sun, the Cold & the Old Soul - Prophecy concerning the Sun rising in the West

The Old Soul
The poor is not in poverty,
Rather the rich who fill
Their lives with distraction,
The beautiful in love
With their own pain,
The learned ones
Collecting their degrees of ignorance,
The miserly who gives charity in pittance
Even as the Lord befuddles tyrants
With castles and princesses...
It is they who are sadly poor.

I find no lesson cruel,
but mankind.
And it is not time
that is ancient,
but me, an old soul
coming out of the cold.

Life is not ugly
But for me,
Hate cannot consume me,
But I too will be lost
Confronting hate.

If there is a flame of humanity
Left of me, leaving a scorched mark
On the tapestry of man,
Remember me to God…
That I was just an old soul,
Coming out of the cold,
Seeking His shelter and His forgiveness
That the Prophet and Saints foretold.
Tell him I had no doubt,
That I gave my best
And daily when I awake,
My eyes looked a sun rising in the west.

MORNING COFFEE. I fell asleep early , and I woke shivering in the early morning air chilled by rainstorm and wind the day and night before. I guess waking up alone and cold can make one melancholy. But once I gathered up my fuzzy thoughts, I am myself again, feeling glad and happy. Especially after my morning cup of coffee.

THE SUN RISING IN THE WEST. This is an ancient lore, passed down from master to student, recalling a prophetic tradition that coming to the end of times the Sun shall rise not in the East but in the West. I do not know what this actually means in the physical or metaphorical sense, although I am aware of some speculation.

MY SUNSHINE. Have a lovely Wednesday, sunshine. We may never find out the truth about the prophecy, but at least I am comforted that many of my readers awake in their beds to the West of me. By far the largest number being from the USA, next Malaysia (okay, don't count this!) and followed by United Kingdom, Canada, India and Pakistan. So I guess for me at least, the Sun is indeed rising in the West now. 


wa min Allah at-taufiq.


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Milky Tea said...

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