Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grief is Pretence, Happiness writes me and is my pen

Pretence & Happiness
Sorrow and grief
Is only pretence,
Happiness writes me
And is my pen.

Sorrow and grief
Is my temporary empathy,
Happiness is what
Defines and consumes me.

SUFIS. With their beady little eyes on the end game, Sufis are profoundly affected by happiness. What is the passing of your mortal life? It is merely a changing of clothes, passing through the threshold of Azra'il (Angel of Death). It is not something to rail against, since you will never win. But the end and defeat of your earthly bodies is the beginning of your spiritual whole, as your soul and your heart is made complete in the Divine Presence. Have faith, sunshine, in the All-Encompassing Mercy and Compassion of your Lord. 

FRIENDS. Yesterday a lucky fellow celebrated his birthday, Malaysia's 54th Independence Day and the 2nd Day of Eidul Fitri all in a single day. Nubile frauleins graced the celebrations, playing with fireworks while igniting fireworks in the hearts of men that looked on. 

God bless you, pet. Have an exceedingly satisfying day.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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