Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cathedral of the Heart - Veneration of the Prophet Muhammad Habibullah

51. Share with Me!
God created because
He wanted to be known,
And He was most loving
Of all upon the first,
Being Muhammad.

Bringing Muhammad
Closer to Him than any other,
As Muhammad delighted in His Presence,
And He was delighted with Muhammad.

And in His most Munificent,
He created creation
To share in His pleasure
Of his Most Beloved.

So God is speaking unto your soul,
Share with Me! Share with Me!
How beautiful is He!
How noble is He!
How praise worthy is He!

So be not reticent
In your expressions
Of delight in God’s
Chosen One!

Sing! Sing! Dance! Dance!
Dance, fools, dance!

If this is how the Servant is,
My heart, my mind, my eyes
Stops at the point of creation,
And cannot even conjecture,
The Wonder that is God…

There are those who profess the faith of Islam, but cannot stand the veneration that many, many Muslims give to the founder of Islam, Muhammad the Messenger of God. They say that such veneration tantamount to giving God a partner, when God Himself said that He is One, Absolute and there is no god but Himself. It is a continuing rebellion, so we must continue our own undying rejection of such misguided and childish perception of the nature of God and the nature of Muhammad. After 3 years, the following prose is recorded against this 'dogma'...

Share with Me! Part 2
God is of the Unknowable Essence,
So each stature and station
That we discover of Muhammad,
Only raises the Unknowable Essence
Of God that much higher
And that much further.

So there is no possible heresy
In the veneration of Muhammad Habibullah,
But those who seek calamity
Shall verily find calamity.
As they continue to give
The Essence of God
Their own limitations.

And this I say condescendingly
From the library of the mind,
They have yet to read what
Can be read in the Cathedral of the Heart,
Where in truth,
There is only Ahad
And Ahmad.

My brother tells me that only a Sufi will understand the prose I am sharing today. But I told him that I cannot pick and choose my readers.
Cathedral of the Heart in Medina, and in you.
Have a wonderful day, sunshine. 'Tis Friday.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketch fiq..fifi

Anonymous said...

I thought so too ... very beautiful indeed.

Milky Tea said...

I am not a very good artist, but when you are sketching something so profoundly beautiful, something so magnificent but painfully delicate and sensitive such as the ideal that is Muhammad Habibullah Abu Arwah... the subject matter kinda covers it all alraeady.

Thank you, my friends...

Have a great Friday, FF and Anony!

Noora said...

Allah bless you. How worthy, how loving!

Milky Tea said...

Thank you for your kind prayers. As a sinner, I appreciate ALL the help I can get. hehehe.

pax taufiqa.