Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dervish on a Jasmine Flower

The Dervish on a Jasmine Flower
I dreamt you were dressed in white,
Whirling on a flower with white petals,
I dreamt of you last night,
Dancing in a robe adorned with pearls,

I dreamt you were a dervish,
Dancing on a Jasmine flower,
Gently falling to the ground
As the Universe whirled all around,
Gently perishing in a Divine embrace,
The Jasmine and you eternally entwined.
We must all have our dreams. For this world is not enough to contain our love. This world is after all only a looking glass. A divine mirror. A brief reflection upon the Beauty that is God.

We have no particular knowledge of God. What little we know are hearsay, stories passed down from the time of Adam and Eve. There is nothing wrong in this. For this world is essentially a hearsay. And wise are those who realise that even direct experience is hearsay - "That is what we hear. But who is to say what is right or wrong?"

We banish such doubts upon the Jasmine of Love. The white flower wherein perishes all doubt. And all lovers...

What a strange posting this is, sunshine!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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