Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mahabbah, Ma'rifa, the Nun, the Sinner and the Universal Music

Visual representation of the Milky Way. Courtesy of NASA
(National Aeronautic and Space Administration of USA)
111. Me accepting you, and you accepting me
Time is converging,
Space is converging,
Is it any wonder that
We, you and I,
Are converging too?

Let others reject each other
And get squeezed like sardines
In the tin can of their piety!

For us, the path is clear
And the path is easy (-ish!),
Me accepting you and
You accepting me,

The Mahabbah and
The Ma’rifa of the
Convergence to

Mahabbah - Generally this term appears to mean love, or in one particular aspect, 'spiritual love'. But it is the nature of this almanac to disregard divergence between the material world and the spiritual world, seeing only one. So to us it is just love.
Ma'rifa - Some calls it 'knowledge' or even 'true knowledge'. It seems to be a form of knowledge above empirical knowledge, which is bound by the limitations of the human mind. It is a knowledge, intuitive in nature, born from tilling the field of the soul, a star in the sky of your inner contemplation.

The Nun has broken her vow of silence and is speaking of mysteries. In the catalogue of her thoughts posted on 30th August 2011, Nun Tuck shares with her readers the mysteries of the path (Click Here). I wish to share a little bit of what she is saying...

"...There is no longer just my story, my will. Letting go of control, of plans, what is exposed is a collective tendency within the world to create ever-increasing complex wholes, in which the parts work together to enhance and magnify each other..."

Nun Tuck is right. We are all individual universes, small but significant mirrors to the Infinite Ocean of Divine Grace and Compassion of God. Because our universes are fueled by our good and bad inclinations, sometimes our own music is played in the wrong key, discordant with the conductor’s baton. But even such glitch is by Divine Will, and the most beautiful of souls are those who do not judge, do not expose people’s weaknesses and secrets, but instead turn upon him / her with understanding and compassion. Because the Universal Music is Love.

May this Sabbath find you in sweet embrace with the Music, sunshine.
Visual representation of the Universal Music. Courtesy of me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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