Friday, September 2, 2011

Look Outside, God has not Forsaken You or Me... And I have coffee. Wanna join me?

Look Outside, God has not Forsaken You
I refuse to let life define me.
It is I who has defined
This life I live.

Good or bad,
Right or wrong,
It all belongs
To me.

And if bad things
Remain unchanged,
And good things
Are suppressed,
Who else do I have
To blame?

I weary of the
Poisonous tract
I read,
I weary of the pain
I see on TV,
Thus it is with
Some relief that
I turn away and look
Out of my window.
And what do I see?

I see that
The grass is still green,
And the sky that is
Still magnificently blue.
I am consoled that
God has not forsaken me
Nor has He forsaken you.

Ah, that is just about enough
Morning contemplation to get me up
And look for my morning coffee!

Wanna join me?
I love the caption on the coffee mug! I envy the guy/gal
who actually wrote it!
wa min Allah at-taufiq

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