Monday, September 12, 2011

An Ode to a Friend... Well, perhaps more than a friend.

Me and a couple of friends.
70. I am mystified!
I am mystified, o’ seeker,
O’ soulful wanderer,
That you say you are unhappy.

How can this be?
I think to myself.
When I perceive in you
Great beauty and kindness,
The thoughtful gentleness
Comely and timeless!

If I could, I would heave you
And your worries across
The hidden realm,
For you to see for yourself,
What I see in you.

And perhaps there,
We will get to share
A little mirror together,
And you will finally find the friend
That I have already found
In you,
Good and true.

I have a friend who is sometimes wrapped in her own sorrows. And this bugged me to no end because she made everyone else happy. I found it to be wholly unfair why this must be so.

Well, I found a little mirror already, and we are both sharing it. She is still sad at times, but now that she can also see me in the mirror, I hope that she knows she need not be alone with her sadness anymore.

If we are not created to be a help to one another, really... I find no reason why we should be created at all. For according to Islam and many other religion, man and djinn are created to praise and worship God, so how can we do either if we do not know Him? And one of God's Manifest Attributes is the One to whom we all seek help. He is the All-Ultimate Helper. And the mystic truth is that He is also the All-Ultimate Mirror. This is true, yes?

Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

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