Friday, September 2, 2011

The Language of God, Love and Man.

The Language of Love
If you look for hate,
You shall find hate.
If you look for bitterness,
The entire world is large enough
To fill your cup of anguish.
If you look for despair,
It is there to draw your tears
And manifest all your fears.

But I look for the Pillars of God,
And I see the Pillars of God everywhere -
They help prop up the world,
And written upon them are runes
In the Language of Love.

You yourself are an adept
In the Language, it is
The mother tongue of
Your heart.

If you have all this while
Been deaf to the exhortations
Of your heart and her sister Conscience,
Be deaf no longer and re-learn
What you have forgotten.

Then speak the language -
It is a dialect which
The Universe understands,
The Language of God,
The Language of Love,
The Language of Man.

Heaven is what you seek?
But here is already the Garden of Meaning,
The Temple of Understanding,
The Rose of Divine Comprehension
That common man call the World
And the wise call the Divine Presence.

Your Lord awaits you, blessed mortal!

The genesis of this prose is from a posting that I will only upload later today entitled, "The Pillars of God - Pictures tell Stories". I am thinking it is perhaps interesting for me to share the prose first before I divulge its conception. And just like a human birth, the prose is conceived in the most unlikely of places.

Seek the Divine Presence, sunshine. And when you are there, Facebook, sms or email me because in all honesty, I am not there at all. I am just a crummy alley cat picking scraps and crumbs of love falling off the Table of the Wise.
wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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