Monday, September 19, 2011

Mocktail and Mock Knowledge - The Path to Divine Cocktail and Divine Knowledge

These guys have been having one 'Rumi Special' too many.
The Divine Mocktail
Sometimes life tastes so good
That it tastes unreal,
That is the next stage
Of distillation of wonders
When the Divine Cocktail
Becomes the Divine Mocktail...
Golden Punch, Shirley Temple,
Baby Bellini and Holiday Wassail!

This is the continuation from the earlier posting entitled The Divine Cocktail of Saints, Sinners & the Saintly - The Triumph of Love over Experience.

Lovers of the Divine Nectar! Thirsty Travelers! Seekers of the Golden Mead! Customers of the Divine Intoxication! There is indeed the divine cocktail the poet speaks of. But this world may appear to be a divine cocktail, a wonderful and fulfilling beverage that will reach spiritual parts of you you where no other drink can. But the truth is that this world is a mocktail. So are you sure you are getting the right beverage?

FOOLED. Alas, I have been fooled by the devilish bartender, conned many times over by my own egoist barrista - Not knowing that I have have been served some watered down fairy version of the divine wine. In ignorance I raise my glass of mock knowledge to the other customers at the bar, not knowing that the barkeep is keeping the real good stuff under the counter. The REAL knowledge for the REAL drinkers. I continued in my foolish pose until finally a white bearded old-timer huddled close to me and whispers, "Look son. Don't make a darn fool of yourself. That ain't no drink you are having. It is no cocktail, them is mocktail! Now listen to me. Next time you order a drink from this rascally bartender, tell him - Give me the Rumi Special. That will set you right for a while! Hic!"

Well, that's it, sunshine. I am just lucky to have bumped into someone who actually knows his drink. But life is a journey and I expect to be drinking many, many glasses still of mock knowledge. But whether it's the Divine Cocktail or the Divine Mocktail, it is still from God. So bon appetit

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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