Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dragon, the Damsel and the Knight

67. Dragon’s Lair
Really, if you are about
To rescue the damsel in distress
From the dragon’s lair, just a
Few words of advice;

Make sure that the damsel
Wants to be rescued by you,

Bring your own light,
And if your light grows dim
Inside the cave, get out!

Oh don’t worry, there are
Other dragons to brave,
And other damsels
Chained inside caves.

WOMEN. Cannot live with them. Cannot live without them. And just how many times have some innocent knight or chevalier said, "What? A DID(Damsel-in-Distress)? And a dragon to slay?! Quick, show me where!"

MEN. We are guilty of pretensions. We say women are vain, but we can be narcissistic. We say women waste money on luxuries, but we too can spend a lot on toys. Oh, we say we need the new super-blaster drill, the mega-super water pump and a motorcycle (at least 900cc) so we can scooter around the traffic... but truth be told, we love our toys.

So it has always been a dream for men to brave the dragon and save the damsel. But all too often it is we ourselves that need salvation. Especially from the very real dragon that all men (and women too, come to think of it) nurse in the secret dungeon of their personality - the human ego.

DRAGON OR DAMSEL? I was spending some time with a soul tonight. He read my poem and commented, "You know, you can make fun of us knights (for he was a bona fide one), but for myself, I did face down a dragon and saved the damsel-in-distress. And we were married soon after." But then he looked rueful and continued. "I am still married to her. Sometimes I wished I slayed her and brought the dragon back instead..."

So, men, this is the advice for today. Be careful what you wish for. God might just grant your wish! Hehehe.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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