Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Divine Cocktail of Saints, Sinners & the Saintly - The Triumph of Love over Experience

18. The Divine Cocktail (Syawal Prose)
There are no saints in Hell,
No sinners in Heaven,
Where else but in this world
Can saints and sinners mix?

STUNNING. I think this natural world is simply magnificent. Stunning, really. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more beautiful, diverse and colourful place where all things are in place perfectly, doing what they ought to do and not doing what they ought not to do.

SAINTS AND SINNERS. I also find this world breathtaking because it is here where I get to rub shoulders, wink and nudge saints. Oh they are not prophets of course (who by definition are protected from sin), but they are still awesome. Doing saintly things and saying saintly stuff, while managing the flock of humanity with all our ignorance, impatience, arrogance and greed. By virtue of me being a sinner, there are saints here. It is a supply and demand thing, you know.

SAINTLY. And of course there are also that third category of people - those who are saintly without actually being saints. Those people are wonderful... they could be your best friend, your tailor, your mum or your dad, a cousin even or perhaps your son or daughter... They appear to have been born under a blessed star, and they live and walk this earth oblivious and almost naively optimistic of mankind's potential - These are the sorta people whom my good friend King refers to as those who believe in the triumph of love over experience. More often that not, in your life it would be your mother and/or your father. But this differ from one person to the next.

So be nice to your saintly friend or kin, and have a perfectly saintly day, though you yourself are not a saint. But then again, who's to say what you are, yes? Only God knows truly.


wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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