Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Tears in a Fountain of Red Sherbert

162. Sweet Tears in a Fountain of Red Sherbert
I have been cautioned,
I know,
I have been warned
To be wary,
I know.
But I am deeply besotted
By each petal
That falls into my eye,
Caressing my soul
To release a teardrop
A fountain of red sherbert.

You have caused me
To be unwary,
And I step forward
When you call me,
Not knowing my end,
Only that
One step
Brings me
One step
To you.

When I walk,
Ants follow me,
For the tears I cry are not
Bitter nor salty,
But sweet.
As I make my way
From the decrepit hutch
Of a sinner build,
To you, my love,
To do of me,
As you will.

Have a beautiful and sweet life, sunshine. And if you do cry, I pray that your tears are sweeter than honey, and more refined than the finest wine of France. I will not lie and tell you that the way is in any way easy. It is not. But, it is the most beautiful road that you can travel on. So long as you are mortal like me. Yes, even for a sinner like me it is beautiful. More than I deserve. Always more.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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