Friday, September 2, 2011

Do they think they can deceive God? - The false faith of hubris

60. Do they think they can deceive God?
If anything we must know,
We must know that
We don’t own God,
So it disturbs me so
To find preachers declaring
That the God worshiped
By the so-called unbelievers
Is somehow different to the God worshiped
By the so-called believers!

While there is urgent need
To build bridges,
These half-wits are
Building walls,
Yea, walls of the asylum!

And nay, this disease
Is not attributable solely
To the Muslims.

It is a contagion affecting
The so-called hierarchy
Of all religions,
Seeing themselves fit
To apportion mankind
To their
Individual fiefdoms
And flocks.

Do they think they can deceive God?

Follow your conscience, sunshine. For myself, as someone who avails himself to the religion of Muhammad, I do not rest my conscience solely because I claim to be a Muslim. Indeed if you claim to follow the Prophet, there is no rest for your conscience.

So run from the preachers and politicians of whatever faith, if all they seek is heaven away from hell, and damn anyone who gets in their way. Do not place yourself above anyone else, whether he is of your religion or another, or even if he has no religion.

Do not judge upon events whose finality has yet materialize.

God bless your heart, pet. May He protect us from the false faith of hubris.

Pax Taufiqa.

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