Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taj Mahal of the Heart - The Divine Guarantee for the Highest Edifice you build in the Name of Love

154. Taj Mahal of the Heart
O’ lazy builder,
You already have foundations of love,
But you have not built
The pillars of responsibility.

Build! And waiver not in your conviction,
Do as the masons do,
For just as the masons build,
So must you.

Build in the hearts of men
And all you hold dear!

Build! For the Lord
Is your Guarantor of any edifice
Which you raise upon
The Foundations of Love,
In the Name of Love.

A testament still standing,
When all of men’s conceit
Have crumbled to the earth,
And all the stars in the night sky
Have twinkled out of existence.

IN AND OUT OF LOVE. You and I, we have been through a lot, have we not? We have fallen in love, and perhaps we fell out of love. We have heard the voice of another, telling us she will never love another, but somehow or rather, she did. And we did too. But do not worry.

BUT IT'S STILL TRUE. I always believe that most people, when they say that they love you, they mean it. And I bet you were sincere as you can be when you confessed your undying love for someone you have now left. Or has left you. I do not like to judge things by the present alone. Things may have come to a dead end, but along the way did you not share beautiful dreams together? Did you not snuggle in the warmth of your lover's embrace and felt, "Wow... finally I have found my place in creation. And what a wonderful place creation is!"

DIVINE GUARANTEE. So just as the prose above says, that little nirvana you built, that paradise, that perfect Taj Mahal you once inhabited with your love is still there. Kept pristine by the Angels of Memories, its marble floor polished daily, its towering columns regularly inspected for cracks. But the past has already happened, so nothing should affect your beautiful past. Even if the present has forced you to leave your paradise of love.

DIVINE PRESENCE. After all, all souls once knew of the Divine Love in the Divine Presence, for we were there, with Him. And all souls left God's presence to inhabit their mortal bodies. Just because we are not directly in the Lord's presence now, does it mean that it did not happen? That the beautiful past with God never actually occurred? Simply because we find this life tiresome and hard? Full of disappointments and bitterness?

I am not bitter. I am a little sad sometimes. Mostly I am happy. Because I like to remember the greatest love that I have ever known - God. And I remember still the Foundations of Love that He left in my mortal soil. It begins from within me and reaches beyond the 8th Heaven. And there, in the perfected love of the Divine Presence, my Lord is still waiting for me, some day in the near future I shall see Him.

So all is good, you see?

Have a beautiful day, sunshine. And if you are in love... build. And do not be shy or reticent in the edifice that you wish to build with your lover. God has already shown you the way, yes?

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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