Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nature of God and Man, the Ego, mini-Me and really... absolutely NOTHING at all.

Thinking I Am Right
I hate thinking I am right.
I am not comfortable with righteousness,
It leaves me at the far edge
Of the Plain of Reflection.

Here, at the furthest point
Lies the Cliff of Righteousness
Which rings the Sea of Hubris
Here, all our conjecture and speculation
Crumbles like chalk,
Here, Angels gather like clouds singing,
‘You think you know, o’ mortal!
But that is just talk!’

BE NOTHING. An ancient Sufi master tells his mureeds (students), "Be nothing!" I often wonder what that means.

NATURE OF GOD. Over the past couple of days, I got into gentle wrestling match with my friends over a posting I wrote. It concerned the nature of God. The conversation enliven my Facebook page but comment similar to my friends were also made in this Almanac. To be quite honest here, it bothered me. And even worse, it bothered me that I was bothered. And it bothered me even more that I was bothered that it bothered me and I don't know why. Get it?

NATURE OF MAN. It took a whole 2 days before someone came and told me. She said (for she was a she) that it was my ego that could not stand it. And she is right of course. It was entirely my ego.

RIGHT AND WRONG? WHOSE? The thing about being right is that the moment you 'think' you are right, you are on a shaky ground. For right and wrong, despite all out best of intentions are essentially a feeling, and man with his endless disposition and varying tempers vary in what they feel is right and wrong. That in itself is not immediately a bad thing.

THE EGO. I do believe that knowledge is a wonderful thing. It will brighten your day, it will lead you to a balanced and sensible life and you will see many things that others might not. You shall be able to judge better the course of action to take, and the words to say. But the moment the ego comes into the picture, it spoils everything.

MINI ME. I am spoilt, you know. I have been looking at some very old pictures of myself and that little boy that I was appear to be gently remonstrating me, "Hey... get a grip. Don't fall to your ego. Remember who you were and who you can still become." Mini-Me is right of course.

So I agree with the ancient Sufi master. I hate being wrong. But I also dislike 'being' right. I will be happiest if God can guide me to be nothing.

Have a wonderful day, sunshine. Which means keeping the ego down and riding it. And not let the ego dictate your action, your words and your path. God bless you and I, in this highest mission we can endeavour to fulfill for God the Most Loving. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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