Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love, the Higher Purpose - Barging through Rumi's Door in 2008

HAVE I DISAPPOINTED YOU? I started writing about the rumours of love some three years ago, when Heche was still oblivious of the tremors that affected me in her presence. So she asked me yesterday whether after all my sonnets and prose, that surely by now she must have already disappointed my high hopes and ill-conceived poems about love.

I must have had some dejavu about this question, because in February 2010 I already wrote for her a reply…
A spectacle in 2008 but recorded in February 2010.
A sinner  barges through Rumi's door.

1. By all accounts!
I told my love that she,
Is not the answer
To my prayers.

How can she be, when
By all accounts, she
Is so much more
Than my feeble
Heart could ever
Imagine and
Pray for?

There is nothing to make,
There is nothing to unmake,

She simply is
As she is, as
I found her, when
I barged in
Rumi's door.

MANY TIME-SCAPES. I think it is funny that we think we are living only one single life, one daily caption at a time. I suspect that the real truth is that we living several moments at a time, splitting our existence like the splitting of the atom, immeasurable times across many time-scapes. And sometimes, we have already pre-planned our answers years ahead of time, though we did so without knowing.

THE HIGHER PURPOSE. This is not surprising, because really… when it comes to Love, God bends all the rules. Because simply put, the higher purpose is love.

Have a happy day with your beloved, sunshine. Make a cup of tea and spend time staring into each other’s eyes.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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