Friday, September 30, 2011

Get a job! says Rumi - The Appearance of Duality and the Reality of Oneness

2. On the Scale of al-Amin II
O’ seeker, be sincere,
Do not use our secrets
To make you negligent of your worldly duties,
Nor to put obstacles in your worldly affairs.

As Mevlana Rumi once said,
Worldliness is only forgetting God,
It is not having a family or goods.

And seeker,
There is nothing more worldly than insincerity!

NO EXCUSES. I know the form. They say such and such work is not for them because it will affect their piety. And they dither and wait for the 'perfect work' to come knocking at their doorstep. And all the while the world is moving and they are left behind. A couple of years ago a friend stepped in and gave me the advice inscribed in the prose above. "Don't use religion to excuse your laziness and procrastination!" He said. I try to follow his advice, not always successfully. 

SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS? WORLDLY AFFAIRS? It is all the same to me now. I met my friend again today and this is what he now confides in me- "Well, you know... I hardly knew you back then. But I guess by now you know that worldly or spiritual, it is in truth one path and one issue at stake. It is only thus distinguished because God in His Most Incredible Creativity simply chooses to sprinkle worldly physical dusts on the matters which pertain to our material world, and spiritual heavenly dusts on our spiritual affairs."

THE APPEARANCE OF DUALITY. But the appearance of duality in what is spiritual and temporal, between what is material and intangible is to me only just that - Appearances. And appearances can often be deceiving. I do not wished to be deceived any longer... Even if at times I can still be insincere.

Have a lovely Friday, sunshine. Thank you for dropping by.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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