Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Philosopher's Stone & the Hidden Etiquette of Your Soul - Some observations of the True Alchemy

7. Philosopher’s Stone
In my lover’s hand
I felt Midas’s touch,
In his eyes
I saw the Philosopher’s Stone,
From his lips, I heard
The confessions of Alchemy;

The science,
The art,
The gift,
Of turning
Base events
Into Mercies.

Man is an equation. A formula. And each one of us has some common elements and some distinguishing variables which makes me, me. And you, you. There is nothing controversial or provocative about this observation. We know this to be true already.

The Masters. But there are some people out there who are even more different than normal. Their equation is beautiful in its balance and symmetry. And in their personality is a divine formula that can work out any problem to find the perfect solution for you. And the solution may differ from one person to the next. Sufis call such people Shaykhs (Masters) or Grand Shaykhs (Grand Masters). They are gems of light, vessels of profound humility and servanthood. But my only suggestion is this - whatever idea or preconceptions you may have of the Masters... dispel such notions from your heart. They are unlike what we ever conceive them to be. 

They are thin and fat, tall and short. Some are quiet and serious, while other Shaykhs are bright and humourous. But however is their outer aspects, their soul hum with a hidden power, resonating with the very pulse of the natural world, so much so that sometimes the very trees and plants bow in their presence. And your own soul bows in respect before them, and you would know this IF you are familiar with the behaviour and hidden adab (etiquette) of your own soul. Me? I am not very familiar with my own soul, and I leave it to its own devices. Happily my soul is not so indifferent to me, and not a moment passes in a day when my soul is not praying for my salvation. I bet your soul works the same for you too - That infinitely larger part of 'you' which is even now in the Divine Presence of the Lord.

While you are reading this, somewhere physically far but spiritually near, your soul is conversing with my soul. And I bow and sit beside your soul, to learn of you and your many beautiful lights which this physical world hides from me. In the Divine Presence, there is no veil.

Live this day beautifully, sunshine. One day, we will meet to confirm what is written here.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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